Well Being

Still debating if I should write about this topic in this blog.  I believe that others could benefit from my experience.  Yet, the dark shadow these days is whether some potential employer’s minion sees this and for whatever reason scratches me off the screening list.  Someday, someone with a good lawyer will press a first amendment case and all this fear will end.  Till then…


02/05/10: Well, still no change on this front.  I’ve been so distracted by the tantalizing fragrance of opportunities. I can’t help it.  I’m on a hunt and I smell blood.  Its so hard to delay addressing new opportunities immediately.  I hear so many stories about HR only scanning the pool until they get a dozen or two potentials and then stopping.  Guess what.  Then they have made this game a horse race.  To even be considered, you have to be fast on the trigger in applying otherwise no human even sees your application.  The good news is that there’s a blizzard coming tonight…I love snow.  Which reminds me that I have to check to ensure enough Hot Toddy fix’ins and logs for the fireplace.  Also means snow-angel and snowman building with the toddler which is always funtastic!

01/13/10: Toddler has a new school schedule so I’m trying to find a new window to do the daily program.  Its time to restart.  She saw the yoga mat last week and asked when Daddy would be doing exercises and could she watch…from the mouth of babes…

Nov 2009: Foot finally healed but it the Thanksgiving to New Years sprint.  Putting it on hold until Jan 2010. Why not.

Oct 2009: Strained my foot while doing some landscape clean-up. Stopped the program.

Sept 2009:  Well. I finally did it; started a fitness program beginning of September.  Haven’t felt this great in years.  Wish that I started this program last year. I am a bit sore but that goes away in a day or so.  Also seem to be hungry a lot.

One response to “Well Being

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