I started this blog with several objectives in mind.  First, to learn about the technology; specifically the processes, tools, and methods. How much time does this channel demand? How does it compare to Twitter, Facebook, etc…?

Secondly, determine if there is a corporate or business use.  What is the business value? If this channel proves to be useful, then develop and tune a communication strategy.  Get into the habit of using it.

Lastly, my ego is craving to see if anyone actually is interested in hearing what I think.  At work, they have no choice.  In this Free Market, you have to compete and provide value.  This pressure provides an intriguing challenge.  So, we shall see…



28-Oct-09: Well its been 2 months in  the Blog-o-sphere.  I’ve learned a lot.  I’m using this free version of WordPress which is great but I’m already hitting some walls.  I would to have pages with overarching subsets of my posts; e.g. management, technology, start-up, humor, etc….  Readers can use the TAG CLOUD to do the same but its hard to do.  The tags are at various levels of detail. Perhaps is me and I need to rearchitect the tags.

Another item is that I cant control the formatting of my 15 second pitch under my photo.  Also, I cant get the Linkedin and Technorati graphics/links to work.

I would like to add section with what I’ve learned about Twitter and Facebook.

Now to the “business value” of it all.  I definitely see value.  Many pundits have books and blogs on the commercial aspects.  I will focus on the “internal” uses.  Once one becomes familiar with the tools and develops a workflow, its rather easy to disseminate information.

In the old days, I would see a relevant article and have my secretary xerox and route it to my mgmt team or specific staff.  It took months to route if it didn’t die in someone’s basket.  Now, I can post the article with my thoughts and its out to everyone instantly.  Then, everyone can comment and share thoughts.  Pretty cool. Now, of course the boot-lickers can destroy the whole schema.  So, like with any other tool, some boundaries must be established up front.

But this tool is so powerful in shaping your organization.  Its a tool for continual reinforcement of your expectations and vision.  Imagine that you need to drive home a way of thinking.  Post weekly examples of that behavior in real business settings and having an online dialog about it. You can’t do that kind of reinforcement with monthly or quarterly town hall meetings. Plus, now the staff is getting the message directly from you.  This also helps synchronize all the layers of management on the topic.

More to come, so much for today. Be seeing you.


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