Ford SYNC: stream Pandora and tweet hands-free in your Ford

As they say: “It’s not your father’s Ford.”

A few weeks ago, I did a post about the automobile becoming a new application platform.  Take note in this article that the package includes “OpenBeak for safe and hands-free tweeting while driving“.

For those of you in the corporate tech world.  What will your road warriors and traveling executives expect? (Well,  your execs may not be driving Fords but I’m sure that the other manufactures will follow suit very soon.)

Ford SYNC Will Soon Stream Pandora Radio


Jennifer Van Grove 21

2010 is shaping up to be the year Ford SYNC forever alters how we experience digital content in our vehicles. Today, the automotive company is breaking even more ground with the news that the next evolution of SYNC will support third-party mobile applications. Get ready to stream Pandora and tweet hands-free in your Ford.

Ford is essentially paving the way for running SYNC-supported mobile applications in your car, courtesy of the Ford SYNC API. It will start with support for Pandora () for streaming online music, Stitcher for listening to podcasts in your car, and OpenBeak for safe and hands-free tweeting while driving. The bottom line is that you’ll be able to wirelessly control your smartphone applications in your car via the SYNC system with voice commands and steering wheel buttons.

The remarkable development — scheduled for release in 2010 — is ground-breaking when it comes to technology made available in cars, and certainly outshines the $1,200 Pioneer device with Pandora support. It’s all made possible thanks to Ford’s SYNC API, which will spawn support for the apps mentioned above and also eventually create a much larger application ecosystem.

The development also marks the sophistication and evolution of mobile applications. It seems like a dream to envision all our favorite apps functioning in our cars, and yet it’s a reality that Ford is bringing courtesy of its SYNC system.

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