Rethinking Happiness | PBS Video [free until 21-Jan-2010]

Enjoyed seeing this one. Great timing.  Some interesting tools to cope and some fascinating insight on what does and does not help make us happy.

One segment focused on a Lehman Brothers analyst and how he’s been coping with sudden unemployment and being forced into the Mr. Mom role.  I can relate to this one.

Program: This Emotional Life

Episode: Rethinking Happiness

The last episode explores happiness. It is so critical to our well-being, and, yet, it remains such an elusive goal for many of us.

Positive strategies to help us build resilience and lead fuller, happier lives

Duration: (1:54:33)
Premiere Date: 01/05/2010
Episode Expires: Thu 21 Jan 2010
TV Rating: NR

Rethinking Happiness | This Emotional Life | PBS Video.


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