“Fifty for Fifty” – 50 reasons to hire the 50 (plus) candidate

A friend of mine forwarded this article to me. His buddy, Eli Amdur, wrote and published it in the Bergen Record (regional NJ newspaper) 2 weeks ago.  I’m still several years away  but in this job market I do feel some of what the author expresses… Enjoy…

“Fifty for Fifty” – 50 reasons to hire the 50 (plus) candidate
By Eli Amdur
Special to North Jersey Media Group

I’ve had enough. As a sixty-something, if I hear one more 50-something complaining about age discrimination instead of doing something about it, I’m going to scream. We all know it exists, but why are you letting yourself get pushed around? Why are you not fighting back? You are eminently employable, but it seems you’re surrendering because you’ve forgotten what your value is. So here are 50 reasons companies should hire you. Start reminding them.

1. I’m a boomer. We have that famous work ethic.
2. Boomers are the best team players in the workforce; we work well with others. That’s not opinion; it’s fact.
3. We’re also punctual.
4. I can be flexible when it comes to work schedules.
5. At my age, I have an extensive network. I bring that with me.
6. You want stability and continuity in your workforce? How `bout this: hire me and I’m likely to stay with you until I retire. That could be ten years or more. Try getting that from the Gen Y-ers you’re interviewing.
7. You want responsibility? I know how to hold down a job – done it for years. I pay taxes, feed a family, read newspapers, vote regularly, and have put a kid or two through college.
8. While we’re talking about being a parent, let me remind you: I have great mediation skills.
9. And negotiation skills.
10. And organizational skills.
11. And budgeting and planning skills.
12. Time management, too.
13. Not to mention patience!
14. Studies prove that honesty is a common value in boomers. That includes me.
15. I can communicate. I went to school when they taught us how to write a complete sentence, for God sake. You know…with nouns and verbs and capital letters and all that stuff. Remember those things? They’re rare today, aren’t they?
16. And I don’t cheat when I communicate – thx…c u l8tr.
17. Good communication means good listening skills. Boomers are known for that, too.
18. I’ve survived three recessions, so I can help you make tough decisions.
19. “Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment (Will Rogers).” I’ve already been there and done that, or would you rather hire someone who will do that on your dime?
20. Energy? Yeah, I still have lots of that.
21. My eyesight may be going, but I have some pretty clear long-range vision.
22. I may miss a day or two of work from time to time but not because…like…dude…I’m so NOT in the mood.
23. All in all, older workers have lower absenteeism than younger workers.
24. We have fewer injuries, too.
25. I’ve developed expertise that takes this long to develop. There are no shortcuts.
26. I’ve had my resume redone. Please read all of it. It’s really impressive.
27. My work experience is varied, which means I bring perspective and dimension.
28. And resourcefulness.
29. Because of all my experience, I can hit the ground running. My learning curve will be short.
30. One out of every three workers in the civilian labor force is 50 or older. You don’t have much choice anymore.
31. In five years, nearly 40 percent of your candidates will be over 50. You’ll have even less choice, so why not get with the program starting right now?
32. And while we’re on that subject, why don’t you think about what it will be like when you get to 50? One day, you will. No getting around it.
33. I won’t be on my Blackberry during meetings.
34. No, I don’t multitask. I pay attention instead. I can multitask as well as anyone, but I won’t.
35. However, I am multi-talented. After all these years, there are a lot of different things I’ve learned to do.
36. I won’t be on Facebook on your computer at work. I’m here to work.
37. If I tell you that even though I’ve had higher-level positions in my career but my career goals have changed and that I really do want this job you think I’m “overqualified” for…I’m telling you the truth.
38. I’m not after your job.
39. I’m a natural mentor for your younger workers.
40. It’s not important or cool or necessary for me to come to work in a T-shirt. I could care less.
41. My age group has proven to be dedicated. Dedicated workers are more productive and efficient, and that leads to cost savings for you.
42. And talking about cost savings, many of us 50-somethings have health benefits from our spouses. I won’t need it from you.
43. I’m a lifelong learner and I’ll be happy to take all the professional development courses you want me to.
44. Older workers are loyal. We appreciate our jobs and will prove it by the way we work.
45. Older workers are far less political. Our agenda is taking pride in our work.
46. I am detail-oriented, as many of us boomers are. It’s how we were brought up.
47. I will set a good example for all your employees, young and old(er).
48. I know what customer service is. I was at it when it was more than just 800-numbers and www.dontbotherme.com. (Read that one slowly.)
49. I can think on my feet. How do you think I got to be this age anyway?
50. Grey hair is actually beautiful.

Got it?”

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