Molson: Brewing Up Success with Social Media

Here is another nice example of a Social Media business application.  What’s interesting is that a company that is so old is beating its much younger competition at being first to exploit this channel.   We’ll see if there is an affect to the revenue stream…


Molson: Brewing Up Success with Social Media

by Jonathan Kash on November 13, 2008

“Would you expect a 222 year-old company would be fully engaged in social media? Yes, if it’s Molson; this includes Twitter, blogging, vlogging, Flickr and more. As this came to me as a surprise, I was eager to find out why a such well-established company would take an active role on the Web. Ferg Devins, VP Government and Public Affairs, Molson Canada, was gracious to speak to me this past Wednesday.It turns out community engagement has been part of this family-run company now in its 7th generation since the beginning. Banking and transportation are but a few of the new technologies pushed by the Molson family since its founding. Why? Beer is a social commodity. Maintaining good relations with the community drives the business. …”

via Molson: Brewing Up Success with Social Media.


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