Yes Virginia, there are legitimate biz uses for YouTube

The CEO of GlaxoSmithKline delivered his report card via YouTube.  That sure beats sending an email or paper document.  I’m sure that an order of magnitude more staff and investors heard his message via this medium.  They have may actually listened and heard this time.

This YouTube video is a fine example of what all this Web 2.0 hubbub can do for you and your business.  As a leader, this is  a great medium for getting your message out to the entire staff.  Let’s face it, people want/need to feel connected with their leader.  A very brief video does the trick…better than glossy handouts ,  emails, and information cascade meetings.

Of course, if this method of communication catches on, it will be interesting to see how IT depts respond.  YouTube and all forms of video have been on IT blacklists since day one.  The perception is that: 1)  there is no business need,  2) they devour bandwidth, and 3) it complicates the architecture.

My hope is that CIOs and IT depts take this foreshadowing and embrace it; that they initiate the conversation and be proactive.  I hope that there isn’t a repeat of what I’ve seen done with videoteleconference.  Wherein, some IT depts just installed systems and then threw it all over the wall to the “business”; whether anything was used or not was not their concern.  What a great disservice.

So I hope that with this one, we don’t just look at the gadgets and software; but instead,  work with corporate communications (PR), investor relations, and HR to LEAD them to create some killer applications of this information channel.

So,  we will see.

GlaxoSmithkline CEO offers his report card…via Youtube « Beaker’s Blog.


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