Data-Mining Medical Records Could Predict Domestic Violence

Here is a great application of business intelligence that positively affects lives.  Data mining and data presentation in action.  I love the presentation.  Its very clear and easy to read.

Back in the ’80s, in my youth, I was a Emergency Room EMT.  I know what an ER is like on a full moon weekend.  I also, unfortunately, saw plenty of DV cases.  So, knowing the ER environment and the dynamics of DV; I think this is great. I like this example of information making a difference.

From my days as an engineer and program manager in the Dept of Defense, before I got into IT, an important tenant I learned was that information has a useful life span.  So, just as important as the clarity of the format is the proper timing of delivery.  As I like to say: The right data, at the right time, in the right format, to the right people. We used to call it “Information Management”. Back then we had paper maps, used grease pens on glass, and a lot of wild dreams. We spent a lot of tax dollars to make those dreams reality that can now see the movie “Blackhawk Down”, which by the way is obsolete by now.

Well, the instrument in this example delivers the potential DV information to the right people at the right time, when it can actually used to intervene. That’s the critical difference. Now, the same mantra and concepts should be applied to business intelligence. The executives need to know the right things in the correct form at the right time.  To quote Austin Power’s Dr Evil: “I’m the boss, need the info”.

Data-Mining Medical Records Could Predict Domestic Violence
By Frederik Joelving Email Author
September 30, 2009  | 3:58 pm  |

“To a busy emergency physician, a split lip or a case of poisoning is just one of those things they deal with. But to a computer mining the patient’s medical history, it could be the last diagnosis needed to decipher a pattern of domestic violence.

Now, a group of researchers at Harvard University has created the first computer model to automatically detect the risk that a patient is being abused at home. The results were published Sept. 29 in the British Medical Journal.

“It’s a great concept,” said Debra Houry, an emergency physician at Emory University, who was not involved in the research. Although around one in four women experience domestic violence at some point in their lives, she says, the problem often goes unnoticed at a doctor’s visit. “It’s one of those hidden epidemics where they don’t come up to you and disclose the issue.” …”

Data-Mining Medical Records Could Predict Domestic Violence | Wired Science |


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  1. Really the presentation is knowledgeable. Its very clear and easy to read and understand.