What a Declining Business Media Means to CEOs

Didn’t think of it until reading this article but the decline of media will have an effect on business and investors.  Both have grown accustom to accessing professionally-vetted business and industry information.  If the journals and the experienced, seasoned journalists disperse; what will happen?   Will we really dig through two or three sources to get the whole picture?  How will we verify sources?  The onus will fall on us to do what the editors and journalist did.  I guess its just gives us more reasons to stay on the net longer and to get a 4G phones with an unlimited data plan.

What a Declining Business Media Means to CEOs

by William J. Holstein

“As cost cutting narrows the field of business journalism, it has become more difficult to put out a corporate story — or take one in.

The business media, which expanded greatly during the Internet bubble, is now mired in deep economic crisis. Condé Nast folded Portfolio in August 2009 and McGraw-Hill is said to be close to a sale — or closure — of Business Week. The surviving business magazines, including Forbes and Fortune, are much thinner after the collapse of advertising in 2009. Newspapers around the country, even in major metropolitan areas, are suspending publication of stand-alone business sections and downgrading their coverage. “Many of them have downsized their staffs and reduced the space allocated to business news; in the process, they are losing some of their most experienced business and financial reporters and columnists,” says Myron Kandel, founding financial editor of CNN…”

via What a Declining Business Media Means to CEOs.


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