Should Your Company Use Social Media Marketing ?

A very brief and well written commentary on this burning topic.  Basically, the rules of marketing apply to Social Media just like any other outlet or channel.  You still need a strategy, an approach, a plan, goals, and success criteria. Marketing is marketing; the tools are just a little different now. Like the author says: doing it just because everyone else is; is not a reason.   (unless you’re in high school)

“Should Your Company Use Social Media Marketing ?social media platformsSocial media marketing has exploded on the scene and has everyone scrambling to get a company presence on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.Although the medium is generally unproven as far as adding to the bottom line, social media marketing can’t be ignored. Many companies have run out to get a Twitter account but have no strategy for using it…”


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  1. Wow,this blog is really spot on!