A CEO’s guide to reenergizing the senior team – McKinsey Quarterly

A brief and easy read to remind any leader of how to get even high performers out of a rut.  I agree with the proposed three targets:

  1. overcoming fear,
  2. overcoming denial, and
  3. overcoming learning blocks

I especially relish the quote from a 1991 Harvard Business Review article by Chris Argyris: “Because many professionals are almost always successful at what they do, they rarely experience failure. And because they have rarely failed, they have never learned how to learn from failure.”

I have to say that I’ve the most from my failures.  Seems that “success” formulas are not guaranteed to work under different circumstances but “failure” formulas work almost all the time. So, experience is the best teacher…is you reflect, remember, and apply.

A CEO’s guide to reenergizing the senior team

SEPTEMBER 2009 • Derek Dean

“In today’s tough and fast-changing environment, CEOs must help their top leaders to work through fear and denial and to learn new rules.

When business conditions change as dramatically as they have in the past year, CEOs need to be able to rely on their best leaders to adapt quickly. But what should they do when their strongest executives seem unable to play a new game? The costs—organizational drift, missed opportunities, unaddressed threats—are so big that it’s tempting to replace leaders who are suffering from paralysis. But this is a mistake when, as is often the case, these executives possess valuable assets, such as superior market knowledge, relationships, and organizational savvy, that are difficult to replace…”

via A CEO’s guide to reenergizing the senior team – McKinsey Quarterly – Organization – Talent.


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