CallSpark: a dynamic mobile address book+ with lots of potential business value

Your sales folks are going to love using this one (as well as the geeks on your staff) and your marketing folks will like it too.

This new phone app provides a couple of high business value functions:

  1. It sync across multiple address books; e.g., Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, etc…  No more fumbling around to find your contact’s number.  Your personal numbers no longer have to mix  with your corporate/professional address book.
  2. Integrates real-time data from the cloud.  Your contacts Facebook and Twitter feeds are presented.  The current version integrates with so that you can update contact status right after making that call.
  3. For businesses, it provides a “Ring-pages” function.  They are like mini web pages; the business controls the content.  So, in the FedEx example, when you look-up the number for FedEx, they designed a page that presents quick links and some messages.  Your marketeers will love to possibilities that this one offers…

CallSpark: A Dynamic Mobile Address Book

Written by Sarah Perez / September 23, 2009 3:00 PM

“Today at the DEMOfall 09 conference, CallSpark announced a new technology for mobile phone users. The application is a dynamic address book that lets you search for people across multiple accounts and social networks as well as in the popular CRM system, Salesforce, Whitepages, Yellowpages, and Yelp. But CallSpark isn’t simply a useful address book service, it also lets you view real-time information about whoever you’re calling. For people, that includes the most recent social networking updates from Facebook and Twitter, while for business listings, there’s even more interactive content available thanks to customizable listings called “RingPages.”

Search Multiple Address Books

Being able to search across multiple address books at once solves one of the biggest problems with mobile devices: you can only select one address book to sync with your device. For those who have separate email accounts and, therefore, separate address books, it can sometimes be a tough choice as to …”

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