Five Ways the Cloud Will Change the CIO Role

Server-huggers beware!  The end is near!

Mr. McCartney provides a nice synopsis of the role’s future state. The million dollar question is whether the rest of the “C” suite, HR, and the IT staff allow it happen? There are so many vested interests in keeping the status quo.

“Five Ways the Cloud Will Change the CIO Role:

  1. An Opportunity to Be Heroes
  2. A Shift in Focus
  3. Collaborators, Not Technology Czars
  4. Setting Revenue Goals
  5. Manage Resistance, Overcome Inertia”

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

By Laton McCartney

“It’s too early to gauge the full impact that cloud computing will have on the responsibilities and priorities of chief information officers, but some changes are already evident.

Clearly, CIOs will serve as the change agents as the cloud becomes more pervasive through the enterprise. They’ll likely need to educate fellow C-level executives from the CEO and CFO on down as to how cloud computing can benefit the organization — and where it may fall short or create security problems. Likely it will be up to the IT chief to act as a relationship and portfolio manager in negotiating with cloud service providers and monitoring their performance. And that’s just for starters.

Here are five ways the cloud could alter the CIO position…”

via Five Ways the Cloud Will Change the CIO Role.


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