“Frickin’ Google” – Did Yahoo’s Bartz Have a Reason to Get Mad?

File under:

  • “I didn’t know that the tape recorder was loaded”, or
  • “Where’s that UNDO button?”

So much for all that fancy business school communications coursework.

Posted by Glassdoor Team • September 23rd, 2009

During Tuesday’s Yahoo! press conference announcing the launch of a $100+ million brand campaign, Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo got fired up following a reporter’s question that led to flurry of frustration that rang through Silicon Valley – and beyond – comparing Google and Yahoo.

Below are some of Bartz’s highlights captured by the San Francisco Chronicle:

“I just want to transplant all you guys out of this sort of cynicism you’re in. I mean, why are you cynical about us? Be cynical about frickin’ Google. Leave us alone.”

“If you don’t like us, just leave us alone, we’ll just deal with our users, because you know what? We do great things for them and we’re excited about what we are.”

Sure there’s added pressure when you’re under the lime light, but was Bartz’s reaction a result of the constant battering or did the press deserve a reality check?

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