For Sale: Zimbra

Yahoo’s $350 Million Zimbra Acquisition Never Made Sense.

Here’s another fire sale.  Proving yet again the old business adage: “buy high; sell low ” (…or is it buy when you’re high…I don’t remember; maybe that’s why I don’t get multi-million dollars bonuses after losing the company money.)

I’m so glad that I’ve owned Yahoo for so many years because, as an investor, someone else does all the work of aggregating and presenting in neat SEC mandated publications  all these entertaining business follies and foibles that make such great reading.  I can’t imagine how much time I would be wasting in hunting for and researching such a fine collection of future business school case studies.

Oh, I think I remember now… it’s supposed to be “buy low;  sell high” but that was all before New Math was introduced into the schools.

Hurry, my loss is your gain.  Hey, it’s only money…


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