Is Tweetmeme Catching Up To Twitter?

CHART: Is Tweetmeme Catching Up To Twitter?.

Interesting to see if this relationship will be symbiotic or parasitic in the long term?

I looked at TweetMeMe and many of the top (first page) tweets were of little interest to me professionally .  The filter feature is key and works nicely.  When I filtered on technology or business, there were a few items of interest.  The weakness is that it does not aggregate the same thread so you see the same hot/popular topic on multiple tweet streams.  So, over a dozen streams were announcing the big Dell acquisition from this morning.  OK, so what does that do for me? Now, if they can do some magic to aggregate the threads, then we’ve got something real special here.

Perhaps, marketing types would find this tool of interest to keep track of company/market buzz.


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